GRL’s Vision and Insight

  • GRL has been a great company to work with in putting this project together. They shared my vision to offer a text to a generation of digital natives by embracing their strengths, rather than working against them.

    Mark DeAngelis

    Author of The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business at the University of Connecticut

  • Partnering with GRL has proven to be extremely beneficial for our Public Speaking program! They are creative and the support team members have been at the ready to help us keep the content up-to-date and troubleshoot issues that arise with students in a timely manner. Creating the online course material has provided opportunities to better manage the learning experience for our students!

    Alexa S. Chilcutt

    Instructor using Public Speaking at the University of Alabama

GRL’s Dedicated Partnerships

  • Everyone I have worked with at GRL has been there to help, support, and encourage me as an author. The process was organized and professional from beginning to end.

    Felicia Saffold

    Author of Introduction to Teaching All Children

    at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

  • Thanks for treating me like you do. I’m honored and very appreciative. My experience with GRL has obviously improved my classroom performance, and the world benefits from that.

    Rick Wilson

    Author of Solving the Solver

    at Oklahoma State University

  • Adam, I just wanted to let you know that I contacted your publisher, Great River Learning, about getting your book The Modern Communicator in an alternative format for a student with a print disability. They were wonderful!!! I have to say it was refreshing to deal with a publisher that doesn't make me jump through hoops to get what the student needs.

    Thank you for choosing a company that works well with us!

    Gina McGranahan

    Assistant Director, Disability Services, at

    Youngstown State University, referencing The Modern Communicator by Adam Earnheardt and Dan O’Neill

GRL’s Superior Support

  • GRL has been very supportive and eager to find programming solutions to allow assignments to be submitted in the etextbook.

    Pam Stigall

    Author of Personal Finance Basics

    at Ball State University

  • GRL websupport has been tremendous in their assistance and promptness to reply to students’ needs. I am very appreciative of the service provided by [GRL] as the publisher.

    Gloria T. Lessan

    Author of Sociology of Law

    at Florida State University

  • I so appreciate the level of support you and your team continue to provide. Just the other day, I was singing the praises of Great River Learning to a colleague. You and your company far exceed any other publisher I’ve worked with in terms of customer service and student support.

    Donald Barrie

    Author of Physical Geology: How Our Earth Works

    at San Diego Mesa College

  • The GRL team is very responsive, extremely courteous, and absolutely helpful in keeping up with all the changes I make in a timely manner. It’s always the case that the people make the difference. I really appreciate the effort and results delivered by these fine people.

    Thang Nguyen

    Author of Essentials of Statistics for Business and

    Economics: An Effective 2-Pass+ Approach

    at California State University - Long Beach

The Student Experience

  • This was honestly the first time since I went to college that I have read every assigned chapter. There was just a lot of real world stuff in the book. Stuff that I need to know when I graduate.

    University of Nebraska-Lincoln Student

    Student reviewing Everybody's an Editor

    by Sue Burzynski Bullard

  • Web support got back to me and answered my question!

    Ball State University Student

    Student reviewing Personal Finance Basics

    by Pam Stigall